Child custody of star’s daughter may be disputed

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People become very attached to their favorite actors and actresses, wanting to know everything they can about their personal lives. Sometimes there is cause for a particularly intense spotlight, such as when a beloved actor dies tragically. This was the case recently, when a very popular actor, star of a successful movie franchise died leaving his teenage daughter behind. Observers worry that his daughter may potentially become the subject of a child custody case.

The daughter, 15, is the beneficiary of her father’s estate. The value of that estate is estimated at $25 million. Because she is under 18, whomever serves as her legal guardian will also have responsibility for the estate the girl has been bequeathed. In the actor’s will, he specifically requested that his mother, his daughter’s grandma, be her guardian.

Correspondingly, the grandma filed papers in which she seeks to become the teenager’s legal guardian. However, the teenager’s biological mom, who was the actor’s ex-girlfriend, may contest that. Although the ex-girlfriend has not yet made public comments on the matter or filed a response in court, she still has the option to.

A source says the ex-girlfriend will indeed fight the grandma’s custody petition. The source says that the ex-girlfriend was surprised by it, and wants to be with the daughter. The grandma, in her petition, says that she will be a better guardian and claims that the ex-girlfriend has a drinking problem.

This case illustrates some of the complexities that can be involved when child custody is in dispute. Questions of fitness and the best interest of the daughter or son are often mentioned. Child custody cases in Illinois benefit from sound legal advice to help in making good decisions.


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