Child support battle waged by reality star

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In the 21st century, reality television has taken off, becoming one of the most watch forms of entertainment in the world. Each show is based on real people with real problems, including issues with friends and family members. The conflicts with family members include things like separation, divorce, child custody and child support.

Indeed, child support is currently an issue for an outspoken member of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast, Brandi Glanville. Her split from her ex, actor Eddie Cibrian, made news previously when he allegedly had an affair with a waitress at a restaurant owned by Glanville’s “Real Housewives” castmate, Lisa VanderPump.

He subsequently married successful country singer LeAnn Rimes, with whom he is alleged to have also had an affair while still married to Glanville.

Now, Glanville claims that Cibrian is asking her for child support payments for their two sons. Cibrian denies this. In fact, his representative issued a statement refuting the claim. His statement labeled the claim “preposterous” and a “ploy for self-promotion”.

Glanville has never been shy about making public comments in regards to her ex-husband and their past relationship dynamics. Her popular book detailed Cibrian’s alleged cheating at length. She has also reportedly expressed doubt about Cibrian’s new wife, LeAnn Rimes, being a good stepmother to Glanville and Cibrian’s sons.

In Glanville’s case, her challenges get extraordinary publicity due to her fame and status as a current reality television star. Others facing child support issues are unlikely to experience the same kind of press. Still, the child support issues of everyone in Illinois who faces them are certainly important to those dealing with them. Their experience may be assisted with the help of an experienced divorce attorney.

Source: Fox News, “Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian argue over child support claims” No author given, Feb. 20, 2014


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