Rapper pursues child custody and child support

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When a couple goes their separate ways, there are often disagreements about the division of property. This could be as simple as who gets the CD collection, or as complex as calculating shares of retirement investments. Yet, even more contentious than property division issues are battles over child custody. Those battles go right to the heart, as parents fight for how much time they will get to spend with their daughters and sons. For that reason, many Illinois observers have been reading about a case that has drawn national attention and involves a famous rapper.

The rapper’s professional name is Ludacris. It is a play on his real name, which is Christopher Brian Bridges. Fans of his performances often just call him Luda.

He has been in the spotlight for a decade and a half, with his first album being released in 1998. That album also involved Timbaland, who has gone on to massive success producing tracks for Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, and others. Ludacris struggled to sell well at first, but has since become a well-established rapper.

In the current case, he is seeking full physical custody of his baby daughter, who was born two months ago. He says that he is a fit and capable father, and notes his active involvement in raising his other daughter, who is now 12. The other daughter is from a previous relationship. Ludacris is also seeking child support payments from the mother of the baby.

Because of his fame, Ludacris’ pursuit of more time to be a father to his daughter will continue to get national attention. Many fathers and mothers in Illinois also deal with child custody issues. Those fathers and mothers can benefit from the help of a good attorney.

Source: TMZ, “Ludacris Gunning For Full Custody — Wants Child Support” No author given, Feb. 23, 2014


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