Star’s mother abandons bid to raise her granddaughter

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Many “Fast and Furious” fans, including those in Illinois, were shocked by the death of actor Paul Walker. Recently, they may have been following the child custody case that unfolded in the wake of his death. That case involves the mother of the actor’s daughter and the actor’s own mom.

Walker’s mom had filed legal documents seeking to become the 15-year-old girl’s primary guardian. In support of that pursuit, she had stated that the girl’s mother allegedly had a drinking problem. In response to the filing, a judge had made a formal appointment of a court investigator. The investigator was to meet with the girl and her relatives in hopes that the situation could be resolved amicably.

That appears to have been accomplished. Walker’s mom has now dropped her bid to be the girl’s primary guardian. She filed new legal documents to make that change of course official. The documents say that Walker’s mom communicated her reasons for the change to the investigator. They also affirm that she will present those same reasons to the court if necessary.

People magazine reports that the girl’s mother agreed to go to rehab. Her reported reason was to get custody of her daughter. Walker’s mom, the girl and the girl’s mother had all lived together prior to the custody dispute. The well-being of the girl is the primary consideration in the case, but there is also a $16 million trust fund left to her by her father that needs to be administered.

Cases like this illustrate how complex child custody issues can get when grandparents involve themselves. Many Illinois cases also involve extended family, as well as the parents of the children. A child custody case does not have to be high-profile in order to experience the same difficulties; however, the best interests of the child must be at the forefront of any negotiations.

Source: Radar Online, “Paul Walker’s Mother Drops Bid To Gain Custody Of His Daughter” No author given, Apr. 17, 2014


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