Celebrity wife blasts ex-husband in child custody battle

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It is fair to say that many battles over who gets to raise the children are often unpleasant. They don’t have to be if the both the father and the mother are comfortable with the same custody arrangements and can co-parent amicably. However, that is not the case if they have different views on who should get what amount of parenting time. Of course, if they have massive antipathy towards each other, that is a problem also. That is certainly the case in this current child custody case of a reality TV star.

The star has been regularly featured on a popular TV show called “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Due to her appearances on the show, she has garnered a substantial following on social media. Additionally, the details of her child custody issues have been widely reported.

Currently, she is publicly objecting to accusations of negligence made against her by her ex-husband. He filed paperwork in March to modify their child custody agreement. In the court documents he filed, he claimed that the star was negligent with the couple’s children. Specifically, he said that she was not taking care of their hygiene issues or feeding them properly.

The star says that the accusations are incorrect. She says that false allegations are every parent’s worse nightmare. She also says that her heart goes out to other parents facing false accusations.

This case illustrates how emotionally intense child custody cases can get. Accusations from one parent that the other says are willfully false are common. This kind of situation can affect parenting time and reputations as well. Anyone who feels that the other parent is not doing well, or who has been accused of not doing well themselves may benefit from the advice of an experienced attorney.

Source: Radar Online, “Tamra Barney Blasts Ex-Husband Simon Amid Nasty Custody Battle: ‘Divorce Doesn’t Hurt Kids, Angry Bitter Parents Hurt Kids!’” Amber James, Apr. 23, 2014


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