Christian music community rocked by divorce

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It would be an understatement to say that there is often acrimony between couples that split up. For every husband and wife who part amicably, there are many who don’t. In some communities, even low-acrimony divorces can be shocking if divorce is considered antithetical to the values understood to be held by members of that community. That is what happened when a husband and wife who are both significant figures in Christian music surprised friends and associates with the news that they’re getting divorced.

The couple, Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb, announced in April that they were ending their 13-year marriage. The stated reason for doing so was an alleged affair by Webb. That affair has not been specifically confirmed, but Webb released a statement saying that he took full responsibility for events leading to the divorce. The woman he is alleged to have had an affair with is also getting a divorce.

Webb’s early career focused on his successful involvement with the popular Christian group Caedmon’s Call. Since then, he has also maintained a solo career. To date, he has eight solo albums and has won three Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association. He also runs a music website called NoiseTrade.

McCracken also has eight solo albums. Additionally, her career as a songwriter includes writing for her husband’s solo projects and for Caedmon’s Call. The two were seen as a power couple in the Christian music community.

This divorce shows that even couples who look like they have it all may split. When they do, they will need to address a wide range of financial and other issues. Because of this, guidance is often needed from an experienced attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, “Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken’s Divorce Announcement Rocks Christian Music Community” Sarah Pulliam Bailey, May. 11, 2014


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