Ex-wife of Eliot Spitzer awarded millions in divorce

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The world knows that Eliot Spitzer was not a model husband by any stretch of the imagination. He has publicly acknowledged consorting with prostitutes throughout his marriage. That matter became a massive public scandal that was undoubtedly very embarrassing for his wife, who stood by him at the time. Now, with the couple divorcing, she is about to benefit financially in the form of a large divorce settlement that includes very substantial spousal maintenance.

The two had a postnuptial agreement. It has very generous terms for Silda Wall Spitzer, including $7.5 million after taxes as a lump sum. She also gets to keep the couple’s very prestigious Fifth Avenue home. All of her living expenses will be covered, including health care costs. A housekeeper is covered as well. She will also receive up to $100,000 every year to donate to charities of her choice.

The flow of money doesn’t end there. She will also get $240,000 every year for the rest of her life as spousal maintenance. That only ends if she remarries.

Silda Wall Spitzer was in the spotlight as Eliot Spitzer’s wife when he was governor of New York. She became even more well known making appearances with him during his 2008 prostitution scandal. That scandal resulted in his resignation.

The couple first met at Harvard University. They married in 1987, and during happier times, had three daughters together. All three daughters are grown now, and they filed for divorce in January 2014.

The Spitzer’s divorce is very high-profile. Yet, other divorces, including those in Illinois, may have similar financial issues to work out. Divorces that include child custody, alimony and property division may not end as easily as this one did. Unfortunately, a legal battle may be needed to get what one deserves in a divorce.

Source: Huffington Post, “Eliot Spitzer To Pay Ex-Wife Silda Millions In Divorce Settlement” Brittany Wong, Apr. 28, 2014


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