Unpaid child support adding up in Illinois

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When a couple with at least one child goes through divorce, it is not uncommon for one party to be required to pay child support. While some people agree to this, even going above and beyond their duties, others fall off and attempt to avoid making payments.

When parents walk away from their duty of paying child support, it impacts a large number of people. Not only is one’s ex partner impacted, but the same holds true for the child.

At this time, more than $3 billion in back child support is owed to families in the state of Illinois. This number is even bigger, sitting at $116 billion, when you take the other 49 states into consideration.

At this time, there are approximately 338,000 families in the state who are owed back child support. This problem is worse in some counties than others, with back payments of $51.2 million in Sangamon and $45 million in Champaign leading the way.

There are thousands upon thousands of people in Illinois, including the rest of the county, who owe back child support. While some of these people will attempt to catch up on payments in the future, others continue to avoid this.

Those who are owed money can get in touch with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services for assistance, however, there is only so much they can do. This leads some to contact an attorney to discuss their options and devise a strategy that will allow them to collect from their former partner in the future.

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