Illinois children found safe after issuing Amber Alert

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Two children who were reportedly taken from their mother during the morning of Aug. 14 were returned safely to Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Custody. The children were taken by the father while they waited in a car outside of the Lake County public defender’s office. According to the child’s mother, he wanted her to go there to recant two previous domestic violence allegations against him.

However, the mother asked someone at the office to call the police to report another abuse case against him. Prior to going to the public defender’s office, the man reportedly kicked, choked and burned the children’s mother. Although police did show up, they did not do so until after the child’s father had left with the two young children.

An Amber Alert was issued for the children due to the father’s violent past. The alert was cancelled after the children were taken to a DCFS location by a relative of the man. His whereabouts were still unknown several hours after the children were found. Authorities believed that he was armed and dangerous and suspected that the may be in the north Chicago area. Authorities also said that the man was wanted on several outstanding warrants.

In a custody case, the best interests of the children are always considered. This is most likely why the father of the children wanted the mother to recant. Those who are accused of domestic violence are typically stripped of their parental rights such as visitation time. Parents who are seeking a restraining order against an abusive partner or spouse may wish to hire a family law attorney who may be able to use physical evidence in the case as well as current and prior police reports to convince a judge to terminate parental rights.

Source: Daily Herald, “Police searching for Zion man after Amber Alert“, Melissa Silverberg, August 14, 2014


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