Month: October 2014

How is visitation granted?

When Illinois couples divorce and cannot come to an agreement regarding pivotal issues such child custody and visitation, state law empowers the court to make determinations with respect to those issues. While making these determinations, the court is to prioritize...

Legal separation in Illinois

In Illinois, a person can file for legal separation if they are no longer living with their spouse without fault. By filing for legal separation, the petitioner may be able to seek a reasonable amount in financial support or spousal maintenance while the couple is...

Child support in Illinois

Illinois families who need help obtaining child support may be able to find assistance through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). Through their Child Support Program, a family can have access to a variety of services, including help finding the...

Getting a divorce in Illinois

To get the divorce process started, an individual must first file a petition and pay the fee. In Illinois, a divorce cannot be granted until at least one member of the marriage has lived in the state for at least 90 days. In order to successfully divorce, the two...

Types of Illinois adoptions

Birth parents can choose to involve an agency in the adoption process or handle the selection of the adoptive parents for themselves. In cases where a relative adopts the child from the birth parents, the law does not require an agency to oversee the adoption. Both...

Child custody determinations

Illinois parents may know that child custody may be one of the most critical issues they face in divorce. For many, the way child custody is determined and how it is defined may be confusing. The types of child custody incorporate how the parents make major decisions...


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