Eligibility requirements for adoption

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Potential parents who live in Illinois and may be interested in adopting might benefit from having a better understanding of who is allowed to adopt as defined by the state’s statutes. These provisions are included in 750 ILCS 50, which is also known as the Adoptions Act.

Before seeking adoption, residency of the potential parent must be established. According to the provisions of the act, an individual who is seeking to adopt a child in the state must have been an Illinois resident for at least 6 months. The residency requirement may be reduced to 90 days if the person seeking to adopt is a member of the armed forces who has been stationed in the state. These thresholds must be met prior to the initiation of the adoption proceedings. However, the requirements may be waived if the potential adopter is related to the child or if the child was placed by an agency.

Furthermore, the person must have reached the age of majority and must be considered reputable. In addition, if the potential parent is married, that person’s spouse must be engage in the proceedings as well. A minor may also have the right to begin adoption proceedings of a child if he or she is given that right by the court. The court must show that there is good cause to give that right to a minor.

There are many difficulties a person might face during adoption proceedings. In addition to eligibility requirements, the courts might also consider other elements before making a ruling. However, an attorney who is familiar with that process might be able to help a potential parent throughout adoption proceedings.

Source: Illinois General Assembly, “ Sec. 2. Who may adopt a child. “, November 20, 2014


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