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When dealing with the issue of spousal support or maintenance, formerly termed alimony, many divorcing couples are faced with a variety of complications. Serving the greater Illinois area, my experience as a spousal maintenance attorney allows me to understand those complications so that I can offer you the assistance you need. I have worked hard for more than two decades helping individuals achieve a fair spousal maintenance order. If you believe you deserve spousal maintenance, I may be able to assist you with your case.

Although spousal support isn’t considered a right, in certain circumstances it may be deemed appropriate. Like other states, Illinois does not have any statutory alimony guidelines for courts to follow. Therefore, each case is individually evaluated with courts making a determination based on certain factors that apply such as the health and age of the parties, how long the couple were married and the couple’s standard of living while they were married.

The purpose of spousal support is to provide the party with a reasonable standard of living. Oftentimes, the courts will order permanent spousal maintenance for an individual whose marriage lasted for many years. It may also grant rehabilitative maintenance, which is temporary support while the party is receiving training or education in preparation for future employment. The courts may also consider other special circumstances in granting the spousal maintenance order such as if the party is homebound due to a disability or illness, or if the party must care for a special-needs child or an infant.

I also offer my services for clients who wish to resolve their divorce without going before a judge. While I encourage collaborative law, I am still willing to litigate for you. To learn more about my law firm and how I may be able to serve you, our page on spousal maintenance may answer your questions and concerns.

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