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February 2015 Archives

When to choose mediation in an Illinois divorce case

When a couple gets divorced, they may go through a wide range of emotions. However, some couples have accepted that they are dissolving their marriage and want to get through the process as quickly and amicably as possible. These are the cases that are best suited for mediation as opposed to a trial. A mediator is not a judge and will often tailor solutions based on the unique needs of the couple.

Mediation for couples who cannot communicate

A common question that many Illinois couples, who are considering divorce, have is how mediation can work if they are angry or have negative feelings towards one another. Divorce lawyers who offer mediation services have special training and can facilitate mediation for people who cannot communicate with each other effectively. During the mediation session, the mediator will keep the topic focused on identifying needs and setting goals. In addition, the mediator acts as a neutral party who listens to both parties.

Roles mental health professionals may play in divorce

Some couples in Illinois that decide to divorce have many issues to sort through before the agreement becomes final. One or both parties have the option of selecting mental health professionals to help them make the transition and negotiate effective compromises, especially with custody issues.

Importance of prenups when remarrying in Illinois

Prenuptial agreements are often very important for people who are preparing to marry. They especially should be considered by those who are marrying for a second or subsequent time, especially in the event that one or both parties have children from a previous relationship.

Preventing international parental abduction

The possibility of a parent taking their child outside of the country to escape custody laws can be a very scary situation for many Illinois parents. If a parent takes a child abroad, it can be difficult to enforce a custody agreement. There are several steps a parent can take to prevent such an abduction or bring a child back.

Ways to get divorced at a reasonable cost

A couple contemplating divorce in Illinois may have a great deal of wealth or very little money to spare. Family law practitioners say that the costs of a divorce can run $15,000 to $20,000 or much more, but it is possible to complete a divorce for much less.

Noncustodial parents in Illinois are obligated to pay support

In general, divorce can be complex. When the separation involves a family with minor children, even more is involved than just property division. In most cases, one parent resides with the child while the other parent is expected to pay child support. Child support is a financial contribution to the everyday and extracurricular costs of raising a child. In most states, the noncustodial parent will be expected to pay support until the child is no longer considered a minor. Certain circumstances, however, may warrant a longer period of support, such as if a child has a serious physical or cognitive impairment.

Attorneys may use Facebook posts in divorce cases

Many Illinois residents use Facebook and other social media sites as a way to communicate with others while providing a record of their daily lives. However, because it can be difficult to keep some of the information that may be shared private, the discovery of this information can result in marital breakdowns. Divorces that occur due to social media or networking sites are referred to as " Facebook divorces."

Battle for child support brewing in Illinois

As Illinois residents may know, high-asset divorce may be contentious, as is demonstrated in the case of hedge-fund founder Ken Griffith and his wife. His wife's financial statement, which claims about $1 million in childcare expenses, is what she says the couple was paying during the marriage and that it should continue after the divorce.

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