Mediation for couples who cannot communicate

A common question that many Illinois couples, who are considering divorce, have is how mediation can work if they are angry or have negative feelings towards one another. Divorce lawyers who offer mediation services have special training and can facilitate mediation for people who cannot communicate with each other effectively. During the mediation session, the mediator will keep the topic focused on identifying needs and setting goals. In addition, the mediator acts as a neutral party who listens to both parties.

Couples who are considering legal separation may benefit from mediation since it is necessary to have a written separation agreement. In either divorce or legal separation, mediation could help spouses focus their energy on solving problems rather than escalating animosity. On the other hand, litigation can have the effect of escalating tension between spouses.

It might be particularly important for parents to avoid conflict and work towards a calm resolution, since experts agree that children suffer when divorcing parents expose them to ongoing, high levels of conflict. During the mediation process, spouses should meet with their individual attorneys to review issues that should be addressed during the discussions.

Mediation can be an excellent tool for reducing both the cost and emotional strain of a divorce. In addition, couples have the opportunity to design a divorce agreement that meets their individual needs. In contrast, couples who litigate their divorces in court may be at the mercy of judges who can simply divide property and assign child custody based on simplified formulas. To learn more about divorce and mediation, please visit our services page.


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