Ways to get divorced at a reasonable cost

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A couple contemplating divorce in Illinois may have a great deal of wealth or very little money to spare. Family law practitioners say that the costs of a divorce can run $15,000 to $20,000 or much more, but it is possible to complete a divorce for much less.

The key point to reducing divorce costs is for couples to communicate with each other in a calm and reasonable way. Being honest and not lying about minor aspects of childcare and finances will go a long way in saving on divorce costs. Arguing over minute details that can be worked out later can add up to many billable attorney hours.

Some individuals make the mistake of talking with their lawyer about emotional aspects of the divorce. This can result in higher fees, as lawyers must charge by the hour for their services. Emotional conversations are best saved for friends and family or a professional therapist. It may also help to cut down on divorce costs to have finances in order before seeing a lawyer. A financial planner can be helpful in this aspect.

Individuals in Illinois who are going through a divorce will likely want to speak with a lawyer to determine what their options are. A lawyer could help to file all the correct documentation, and should a divorce need to go to court, a lawyer could represent their client in order to attain the most favorable outcome in aspects of property division, child custody, alimony and other family issues.


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