Study finds that doctors have lower divorce rates

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Residents of Illinois may be surprised to learn that doctors have among the lowest rates of divorce in the health care profession, and they have lower divorce rates than the average person outside of the field. The study, was among the first of its kind to critically examine divorce rates among these professionals and address the concern that a doctor’s career is costly on family life. Interestingly, the study found results opposite to most expectations.

While many assume that a doctor’s busy and chaotic work schedule would create strains that would lead to more divorce, it seems that this is not the case. A divorce rate of 24 percent put doctors ahead of all the other health care professions examined except pharmacists. By contrast, nurses had the highest rates of divorce in the field at 33 percent.

Gender also seems to be an important factor. Male doctors who worked more than 40 hours a week seemed to have lower divorce rates than women in the same circumstance. The study also seems to indicate that the profession may be more costly on the family lives of female doctors than male ones. The study’s lead author pointed out that women are more likely to be making certain sacrifices when they work long hours and that this strains relationships and families to a greater extent than with men who are traditionally expected to be working more.

While the study suggests that certain sectors may be less likely to occur in certain fields, many individuals still face the end of a marriage, and such proceedings can be complicated. Those involved in a divorce might consider discussing their situation with an attorney who might be able to represent their interests in any interactions with the other party. That attorney may be able to help the client negotiate a favorable divorce settlement.


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