Month: May 2015

Do you know what child support covers?

Many people are under the impression that child support only covers the bare necessities, including things such as clothing and food. This is not true. While all 50 states have their own guidelines for child support, it is meant to cover a variety of expenses,...

Ways to divide your 403(b) upon divorce

When you decide to end your marriage, there are a lot of issues to address. Those include who gets to continue to be a day-to-day parent with primary custody, who gets to continue to live in the family home and many more. One is the division of your 403(b) retirement...

Save money with divorce mediation

There is nothing fun about the divorce process. Not only are you ending a personal relationship with a person you once loved, but many financial questions and concerns will come to the forefront.It is likely that you will split most or all assets and debts as the...

Did Facebook cause a divorce?

People attribute their divorces to a wide array of causes. Many say that financial problems and arguments over money are what ended their marriage. Others say that the divorce happened because of incompatibilities when spending time together, or even due to spending...

The advantages of child custody mediation

There is nothing simple about a child custody case, as this can drag on for many months. This is particularly true if the parents are also going through divorce. Fortunately, there are times when child custody mediation can result in a relatively efficient process....


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