The advantages of child custody mediation

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There is nothing simple about a child custody case, as this can drag on for many months. This is particularly true if the parents are also going through divorce. Fortunately, there are times when child custody mediation can result in a relatively efficient process.

Many people assume they have to go to court to fight for custody of a child. There are times when going to court is the better of the two options; however, this is not always the case. Child custody mediation has many benefits, including:

— Ability for participants to voice their opinions and concerns. In court, this is not always as simple. The mediation process has a way of making both parties feel more involved in the decision making process.

— A professional mediator who can oversee the discussion, ensuring that the conversation and negotiations stay on track.

— Faster resolution. Working out child custody in court can take a long time. This is not true with child custody mediation, as it is possible for a solution to be agreed upon within a few days or weeks. This is in contrast to a court process that has the ability to run on for many months or years.

Last but not least, child custody mediation is typically less expensive than court. This is important to both sides, especially those situations in which a lot of money is already going into the divorce process.

As a parent fighting for a fair child custody agreement, it is a must to understand what goes into the process and how to agree on final terms with the other parent.

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