Common child support modification questions

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There are many reasons for a child support modification. However, there is a big difference between what you think you know and what is actually true.

It would be in your best interest to fully understand how to request a child support modification, as well as what the court looks at when making a decision. This has nothing to do with the reason, but everything to do with the process.

Here are some of the most frequently asked child support modification questions:

— What are the steps to take in the event of an unfair child support order?

— How does the court decide what is fair and what is not fair?

— Is there ever a time when it makes sense to communicate directly with your former spouse as opposed to through the court?

— How long do you have to pay child support?

— What should you do if you are unable to make a payment?

— How was the original amount of child support calculated?

Even though there are benefits of paying child support, such as the ability to give your child the money he or she needs to live a good life, it is hard to take orders from the court when you don’t feel that you are being treated fairly.

Knowing the ins and outs of child support modification can help you better understand your situation, including if you are in position to make any changes in the future.

If a child support modification is on your mind, there is a good chance you will eventually end up back in court.

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