Divorced parents face challenges during summer months

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As a divorced parent, you are well aware of the challenges that you face throughout the year. This is particularly true during the summer months, as both parents are likely interested in spending as much time with the child as possible.

Here is a common situation: one parent wants to take a child on vacation, however, it overlaps with a trip planned by the other parent. In this case, the parents need to work out a situation that will benefit both of them, as well as the child.

The best way to avoid this type of situation is to plan in advance. Both parents should communicate plans for the summer during the spring months. This way, neither parent makes plans before knowing what the other is doing.

Activities can also get in the way, as children often have plans throughout the summer months. From sports to girl scouts to time with friends, there is always something going on. Parents need to know when activities take place, as well as how they will stay involved.

Planning and organization can go a long way in helping divorced parents avoid confrontation during the summer months. But remember, this has to start in advance. Planning a summer vacation for August, during the final weeks of July, is not fair to you, your child, or your former partner.

With the right approach, the summer months can be enjoyable for divorced parents and their child or children. It is important to be ready for any and all challenges, as this can prevent serious issues that require legal mediation.

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