All types of custody consider the best interest of the child

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When it comes to questions regarding child custody, the court always considers the well being and best interest of the child or children above all else. No matter what both parents feel, there is no replacement for doing what is best for the child.

There are many types of child custody, including physical, joint and legal. Physical custody, for example, refers to where the child will live and which parent has control over his or her day-to-day activities. Joint custody, as the name suggests, is when both parents share physical and/or legal responsibilities. Legal custody gives a parent the right to make all important decisions, such as those related to education and health care.

Despite the fact that the court wants to do what is best for the child, this is not something that both parents always agree on. The reason for this is simple: they both feel that they offer more than the other. Furthermore, each parent may have concerns about the other. This is particularly true in the event of an ugly divorce.

Regardless of the situation, both parents should come together to realize that their child needs to be protected during this difficult time.

If you are facing any type of custody issue, it is necessary to learn more about your rights as well as what you can do to make things easier on your child as the days go by. For more details, advice and guidance, read through the many pages of our website and blog dedicated to this subject. You can start on our “Child Custody” webpage.


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