Child support: More than meets the eye

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There is a lot to consider in regards to child support. This holds true no matter if you are required to make payments, or are in position to receive payments from the child’s other parent. Child support is intended to act as financial support for the child, such as for paying for regular living expenses.

Although child support appears to be cut and dry, there are many questions that can arise. These are often related to the following details:

— Obtaining support. The court will determine the amount of child support that must be paid based on Illinois Child Support Guidelines.

— Enforcement. There may come a time when a child support order needs enforced. This happens when a parent neglects to pay in full or on time.

— Modification of support. Things can and will change over time. For example, if a parent paying child support loses his or her job, it may not be possible for him or her to afford the full obligation. For this reason, a modification of support is necessary.

Along with the above, there are situations in which one parent feels he or she is not getting a fair deal in terms of how much he or she pays or receives in support.

It would be in the best interest of everybody involved if there were never any concerns regarding child support. Unfortunately, this is not the way things always work out. If you are in this position, if you have any questions regarding child support, our website can help you better understand your situation and which steps to take next.


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