Details some people don’t understand about divorce mediation

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Divorce mediation continues to be a top alternative to the court process. This gives both people more control, while allowing them to save both time and money.

Although the benefits of divorce mediation have been well stated, some people misunderstand what this can do for them. As a result, they never consider mediation and instead head for a date in court.

Here are some of the details people don’t always understand in regards to divorce mediation:

— An impartial third party oversees all discussions. This person is not a judge. They are simply there to move the conversation forward and help both parties understand what is going on.

— Provides a structured process.

— Meant to minimize friction and stress that often comes into play during a court proceeding.

— This works for some couples, but not others. It is not the right answer for everybody going through a divorce.

— Even with a mediated settlement, there are more details to deal with in the future. Most find it necessary to hire an attorney to process the divorce.

If you don’t understand divorce mediation, if you are unsure if this is the right choice for you, learn more about the process before deciding against it. As long as your soon to be ex-spouse is on board with the idea, you may want to give this a try. It could go a long way in speeding up the divorce process, while also helping both people avoid more stress and anxiety.

Divorce mediation continues to grow in popularity. Understanding how the process works is of utmost importance.

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