The downfalls of divorce through a court hearing

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When divorce is imminent, when there is no way around this process, you have to become familiar with all your options. You need to learn more about what to expect, including how your life is going to change in the future.

Many people believe that divorce through a court hearing is their only option. They think they have to “fight it out” in court with their spouses. Furthermore, they are under the impression that the process will last a long time and cost tons of money.

While divorce through a court hearing remains common, it is not the only option. Many divorcing couples are beginning to consider the benefits of mediation.

Here are some of the primary downfalls associated with a court hearing divorce:

— Time consuming and expensive. Can you think of anything worse than a drawn out court process that costs you a lot of money? This can make divorce worse than it already is.

— You don’t have much, if any, control. When the judge gets involved, you lose control of the process. This is not true with mediation, as both parties are more involved every step of the way.

— Rising tensions. Let’s face it: the more trips you and your former spouse make to court, the more tension there is.

If you are familiar with the downfalls of divorce through a court hearing, you may be interested in mediation.

Our website has plenty of information on divorce mediation. If you want to learn more, if this is something that may benefit you, visit our “Mediation & Collaborative Law” webpage.


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