Exclusive child custody and visitation rights

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There are times when the court awards one parent with exclusive child custody. This does not mean the non-custodial parent is out of the child’s life forever. What it does mean, however, is that details associated with visitation are sure to come to the forefront.

Even if one parent has exclusive child custody, the other has the right to visit the child as outlined by the court. While there are times when the custody decree denies parental visitation, this is not common. In most cases, the court will grant this person the ability to visit with the child, as long as he or she does not pose any threat.

The parent with exclusive child custody has the right to tell the court that visitation rights for the other party could go against the child’s best interests. It is at that point that the court will look at all the details, determining if denying visitation rights is the right decision.

Cases in which visitation is denied are typically associated with a parent who has a history of emotionally or physically abusing the child.

Every custody case comes down to one thing: the best interest of the child. The court wants to make sure the child is in the best possible position to lead a normal life. This typically means access to both parents.

It does not matter if you have received exclusive child custody or you are on the other side of the fence, knowing your rights is a big deal. This will help you make decisions that allow you to spend as much time as possible with your child.

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