Marital property, debts are divided in divorce

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Going through divorce is a challenge. During this time, you will be faced with many questions, some of which are related to your financial situation.

Early on, you should consider how marital property and debts are divided in divorce. This is not something to wait on, as you don’t want these types of details to sneak up on you. Instead, you want to be prepared for anything that comes to the forefront.

Some of the assets that are often discussed in divorce include:

— Real estate.

— Cash in bank accounts.

— Investments, such as mutual funds, bonds and stocks.

— Retirement accounts.

— Real estate.

— Business property.

— Personal property.

While most couples focus on these assets, they overlook one very important detail: debts and liabilities are split in a divorce as well. You are not simply dividing assets. You are also taking on debts that were incurred during the marriage.

This can include anything from credit card debts to car loans to a mortgage and much more. It is just as important to understand your debt as it is the assets that will be divided during divorce. This will give you an overall view of your situation and what to expect as the divorce process continues forward.

If you have decided on divorce, martial property and debts will be divided at some point. You want to put yourself in position for success from the start. This means understanding what will happen, including how debts and assets are dealt with during divorce. The knowledge you gather will serve you well. To learn more, please visit our property division webpage.


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