Opting for mediation over litigation

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The traditional approach to divorce is simple: Both parties retain an attorney and the process begins. At some point, after all the details are hashed out, the process finally comes to an end.

In today’s world, more couples are leaving litigation in the past. Instead, they are considering the benefits of mediation.

One of the primary concerns regarding mediation is the ability to get along with the other person. Fortunately, this is where a mediation attorney can step in. This person is trained at mediating the session, ensuring that everything goes forward as planned. A mediator does not make decisions or tell either party what to do. Instead, this person is a neutral party who helps both partners work out a plan of action.

There are many benefits of mediation over litigation, including the speed at which the divorce can be completed. Furthermore, and just as important to most, is the ability to save money. On top of this, mediation allows both parties to be more involved with the end result, as opposed to leaving everything in the hands of the court.

There are times when mediation is the answer. There are also times when this has nothing to offer, and the only way to put the divorce in the past is through litigation.

If you think that divorce mediation is the best path, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your former spouse. You may soon find that this is the best way to move forward. If you require more information on mediation, including the benefits and answers to common questions, you can review our website.


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