Things that child support does not cover

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There is no denying the fact that raising a child can be extremely expensive. This holds true no matter where you live or what your child is interested in.

Child support often comes into play after divorce. In short, one parent pays the other to ensure that the child has enough money to address one’s financial needs.

It is important to understand the difference between “necessities” and “essentials.” While it is not likely for the court to require a parent to provide support for an expense considered an extra, this doesn’t mean there won’t be questions regarding what the money should be used for.

Some of the things that child support may not include are: babysitters, academic tutoring, school photos, sports fees, private lessons, recital fees, enrichment camps, car insurance, wedding funds, and college funds.

Even if your former spouse was providing these things during the marriage, it does not mean that he or she must do the same in the future, via child support.

When going through divorce, your lifestyle is sure to change at some point. This is particularly true if one or more child is involved, as questions regarding child support will come to the forefront.

In your state, there are things that child support does and does not cover. As soon as you realize a divorce is imminent, you want to better understand the finer details associated with this. When you know what child support covers, as well as what it doesn’t, it is easier to plan for the future and ensure that both parents are on the same page.

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