Are you familiar with the benefits of legal separation?

There are married couples that decide to divorce. There are also those that realize the benefits of a legal separation. While this is a big step nonetheless, there are many benefits when compared to the divorce process.

The primary benefit of legal separation is that it gives a couple the opportunity to spend time apart, without the need for a divorce. Sometimes, this is all two people need in order to realize that they want to work things out at some point.

Another benefit is that details associated with child custody, child support, and property division can still be clarified by the court.

There are also some financial benefits of a legal separation, such as the ability to take advantage of tax benefits. This would not be the case in the event of a divorce.

Unlike a divorce, a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage. Since the marriage still exists, those who are legally separated can get back together without the need to once again be married.

Note: During a legal separation, it is illegal for either party to marry a new spouse.

If you are considering divorce, it also makes sense to look into the benefits of a legal separation. This is the best way to understand your situation, as well as what makes the most sense from a personal and financial perspective.

Just the same as divorce, legal separation is a big step in your life. That being said, there are benefits that may allow you to accomplish your goals without going through divorce.

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