Divorce through a court hearing: It could cause more trouble

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When you decide to move forward with divorce, you may soon become resigned to the fact that you will spend a lot of time in court. While this may be the process that others follow, you don’t have to go down the same path. Instead, you may want to consider the benefits of mediation.

Resolving a divorce case through a court hearing is a possibility; however, there are times when this causes more harm than good. If that happens, you will soon realize your situation is even more challenging and confusing than you thought.

Here is why a court hearing may be something to avoid:

— Time consuming and expensive. Do you have the time and money to fight with your former spouse in court?

— Lack of control. Once you move to the court system, you and your former partner will lose some level of control, making it more difficult to get what you want out of the process.

— Parenting difficulties. Even if you were attempting to cooperate with your partner in regards to raising your child, continued time in court can begin to cause issues.

If divorce through a court hearing is not what you want, mediation is an idea to consider. This has many benefits, including the ability to maintain some control. Furthermore, it will save you time and money.

You can learn more about the divorce process by reviewing our website. We share information on divorce, including the pros and cons of the court system and mediation. Don’t hesitate to collect information before you decide what to do next.


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