Where do children live after divorce?

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When two people go through divorce, their life is going to change forever. This process is even more complicated if the couple has any children together.

While there are many details to hash out during the divorce process, child custody is almost always one of the most important.

Regardless of what either parent thinks, there is only one thing that matters in the eyes of the court: the best interest of the child (or children).

There are many types of child custody, including physical, joint and legal.

As the name suggests, physical custody is all about where a child will live. Joint custody is when both parents share physical or legal responsibility. Legal custody refers to the parent who has the right to make important decisions, such as those related to education and health care.

Determining the best interest of a child is never simple. Both parents often feel that they are the best option for their child, which means they are going to put up a fight in court.

Regardless of the situation, it is important for both parents to take a step back and realize that their child is more important than anything else. It can be hard to compromise during such a difficult time, but this is often the best way for the child to be put in a positive situation.

There is no easy answer as to where children live after divorce. This changes from situation to situation. Anybody going through divorce with at least one child should realize he or she will be faced with this challenge at some point.


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