Are there disadvantages to divorce mediation?

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As you begin to ponder the divorce process, you may realize that spending time in court is not the ideal situation. Furthermore, it won’t be long before you understand just how much this is going to cost.

For this reason, many couples decide in favor of divorce mediation. They understand the benefits, such as the ability to save time and money.

Even with advantages, when compared to traditional divorce, it is imperative to understand the disadvantages of divorce mediation. This will allow you to make the right decision regarding how to move forward.

One of the primary concerns with divorce mediation is that both parties may dance around the truth. In court, there are many ways to dig down deep, getting to what really matters. With mediation, this is not always possible. Instead, it is up to both parties to open up in a clear and honest manner.

Here is another concern: Divorce mediation is not always successful because both parties have to reach an agreement on their own. A mediator is in place to help, but it is up to the divorcing parties to make all the final decisions.

Just the same as a traditional divorce, there are pros and cons associated with mediation. You should understand the disadvantages, as this will allow you to make informed decisions along the way.

If you are unsure of divorce mediation or if you don’t understand what it can do for you, it may be best to learn more before deciding for or against it. An attorney can help you determine if it is a good choice for your situation.

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