Consider the following before asking for a holiday divorce

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The holidays are here. For most people, this is a time of joy. For others, however, things are not nearly as exciting. This holds true for couples going through a rough patch.

Even with the joy of the holidays surrounding them, some people decide that now is the best time to ask for a divorce. For one reason or another, they don’t want to wait for the holiday season to come and go.

If you plan on asking for a divorce during the holidays, here are three things you should first consider:

— Put the guilt in the past. You shouldn’t feel guilty about discussing this during the holidays. It may not be the best time, but you have the right to feel how you feel.

— Calm down. Could you regret the decision to ask for a divorce? Don’t let your brain get the best of you. Calm down, clear your mind, and then decide if this is the right idea.

— Understand the pros and cons of waiting until after the holidays. Even though you may not want to ruin the holiday season by asking for a divorce, remember this: It’s not going to be any easier once January rolls around.

If for any reason you feel that now is the time to ask for a divorce, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. Just make sure you know what you are doing, the repercussions, and how it will change your life now and in the future.

A divorce is serious business, and for this reason it should be treated as such.

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