Are child support orders part of the divorce process?

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As a married couple, you hope you never think twice about the divorce process. If you have children and decide to move forward with divorce, you need to know how this will change the future.

In many cases, a child support order is part of the divorce process. There are exceptions, such as if the children are age 18 or older, with all of these details taken into consideration by the court.

When a child support order is created, both parents will be clear on what is expected of them now and in the future. For example, the court may decide that one parent owes the other financial support. The amount of support depends on factors such as the number of children they have, and of course, the income generated by both parents.

It is possible for divorcing partners to reach a settlement agreement outside of court. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is likely that the family court will still need to grant approval. This is necessary to ensure that the agreement complies with all child support guidelines set forth by the state.

In some cases, a child support order is most definitely a big part of the divorce process. If the couple does not have any children together, this does not come into play.

When dealing with divorce and matters of child support, you should be 100 percent clear as to what is expected of you and how to put yourself in the best possible position. This will allow you to put your divorce in the past, realizing that your obligations are being handled.

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