What should you expect from a divorce mediator?

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If divorce is on the horizon, you have a couple options. You can go the traditional route, fighting it out with your former spouse in court. Or, you can opt for divorce mediation.

There are many reasons why mediation is growing in popularity, including the fact that it helps both parties save time and money. When you add in the fact that it is less stressful, it’s easy to see why so many are turning to this as opposed to spending time in family court.

Of course, you don’t want to opt for divorce mediation until you are familiar with the process and your role. To start, you must know what to expect from a divorce mediator.

A mediator is not there to make final decisions. Instead, this person is nothing more than a neutral party with the goal of helping the couple resolve issues and remain on the right track.

The mediator will facilitate each and every meeting, doing his or her best to move things forward in a clear, concise and efficient manner. Along with this, the person can provide information regarding the legal system, such as how a particular issue could be viewed by the court.

Finally, a divorce mediator is able to refer the couple to experts, such as appraisers, if necessary.

When you know what to expect from a divorce mediator, you won’t be confused by anything that happens. Instead, you will find yourself in position to work with this person as well as your former spouse. When everybody is on the same page, there is a greater chance of a fast and agreeable outcome.

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