Why you should consider collaborative law for your divorce

When couples begin to think about getting a divorce, they often conjure images of bitter courtroom battles or constant disputes that last for months. These images are so frightening that some Illinois couples continue to put off the inevitability of divorce, sometimes for years. While it is always a wonderful thing if couples are able to save their marriages, staying in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship is not wonderful.

Some divorces proceed quickly and amicably, but these situations are in the minority. Both spouses have rights they want to protect and needs they want met, which often results in difficult-to-resolve conflicts. For many couples there is a solution and it is collaborative law. A collaborative divorce provides many benefits not available through traditional litigation. Family Circle Magazine offers a round-up of these benefits; they include:

— A chance to end the relationship with less bitterness than through traditional divorce

— Lower expenses for both parties by about 25 to 50 percent

— Customized solutions to conflict or dispute based on each spouse’s needs

— Spouses can finalize the proceedings by as much as 75 percent faster

Collaborative law differs from mediation in that it promotes more cooperation between spouses. Couples attend a series of meetings accompanied by their individual attorneys. During these sessions, spouses can focus on finding solutions to any issues that have been delaying their divorce. As a cost-effective and generally peaceful option, a collaborative divorce is ideal for many people.

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