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Sometimes it seems that topics associated with divorce have been talked about almost to exhaustion. This can be distressing for Illinois couples who are looking for authentic information about the divorce options from which to choose. When it feels like there are no solutions other than litigation, take heart because like other areas of the law, divorce law is always evolving. If you need real information that will lead to real solutions, choose your resources carefully and consider talking with a family law attorney.

A lawyer with experience will always have the most up-to-date solutions to offer you when it is time to end your marriage. Divorce mediation is one such solution. It involves the cooperation of both parties in an effort to resolve many of the disputes that so often cause delays and emotional stress to the family. It works by utilizing an objective third party—a mediator—to facilitate dispute resolution.

The mediator helps the couple to focus on equitable solutions by facilitating communication and mutual understanding. Some of the most important benefits of divorce mediation include:

— Affordability: Opting for mediation can save divorcing couples thousands of dollars if their divorce is proving difficult.

— Less stressful: Unlike litigation, mediation typically causes less stress to both spouses and can foster a sense of cooperation and understanding that may extend beyond the divorce.

— Easier for children: Divorcing with children is often especially difficult. Mediation offers children a degree of protection from stress not found in litigation.

Divorce mediation may not be right for everyone, especially if the relationship is particularly contentious. However, like collaboration, mediation is an option worth looking into for those in Illinois who wish to divorce as calmly and affordably as possible.

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