Is divorce ever the best choice for a couple’s children?

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Along with concerns about child custody and support, this question may haunt both parents through every step of getting a divorce. What if you are doing more harm than good by divorcing? How do you know if this is the best choice for the children? Unfortunately, no one can precisely answer these questions for you. However, you may take comfort from the results of several studies conducted over the last few decades.

These studies have shown that in families which experience a high degree of discord between parents, divorce may indeed be a healthier option for the children. One doctor stated that leaving the conflict parents experience behind, whether through divorce or parenting mediation, will probably give the children “a significantly improved home environment.” The doctor also said marital conflict has a more profound effect on child development than divorce, according to studies conducted in the 1990s.

In addition to having an effect on child development, high conflict marriages can also affect the quality of parenting. For mothers this could manifest in becoming less caring about their kids and for fathers it could mean withdrawing from parenting. Clearly, conflict and parental discord plays an important role in whether or not children become well-balanced, emotionally healthy individuals

While this information should not be used to make your own decision about divorce, it is something both parents can think about. With that said, try not to let conflict and discord into your divorce if you choose to move forward. When making child custody arrangements in particular, keep the children’s emotional and mental health in the foreground and rely on your attorney to offer you good advice.

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