A fresh look at the benefits of divorce mediation

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When it comes to achieving a peaceful resolution of many conflicts associated with divorce, mediation can work wonders. The process involves both spouses coming together to work out a mutually agreeable outcome. With guidance from your divorce attorney, mediation can take some of the headache and heartache out of resolving those persistent areas of conflict.

To keep our readers informed, we thought it was time to remind everyone about some of the benefits of choosing mediation over litigation when a marriage has run its course. As published in the Huffington Post’s divorce section, these benefits include the following.

— Mediation is much more affordable than a traditional divorce.

— For those who have crazy schedules, the flexibility mediation offers in how spouses meet is a main benefit.

— When the couple has children together, mediation is one way to protect the kids from the stresses of a traditional divorce.

— Instead of a court deciding the terms of your divorce, you and your spouse can maintain complete control of the decisions pertaining to you and your children.

— Mediation is nearly always a much faster process than divorce by litigation.

— Finally, one of the most important advantages is how mediation offers parents the chance to create a family plan tailored to the family’s unique needs.

If you are getting divorced soon and cannot decide if mediation is right for you, consider exploring our legal website. You will find detailed information about traditional divorces in Illinois as well as more creative solutions like divorce mediation and collaborative law. If you need more personalized guidance, you are welcome to contact our office for more information.


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