Having substantial assets usually means a complicated divorce

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It is safe to say that most people think divorces are messy affairs. Along with ending an emotional bond that two people have shared for a time, those entering into divorce must make decisions about how to divvy up their property. If you or your spouse entered into the marriage with valuable assets, your divorce will probably be complex. The same goes for couples who have accumulated high value assets throughout the marriage.

Illinois is home to many couples with substantial assets. Unfortunately, some of these marriages end in divorce. As such, some family law firms who serve Illinois devote a portion of their practice to assisting in divorces that involve wealth or valuable assets. This field of family law requires attorneys to develop a good understanding of specific issues such as asset valuation and calculating incomes. The law office of Cynthia L. Lazar is one of these firms.

Our staff has accumulated a great amount of education and experience in both litigating and negotiating high asset divorces. We also understand how to search for any assets one spouse may be hiding from the other. To enhance the process of finding hidden assets, we can also engage a forensic accountant to delve into your financial matters more deeply. If you and your spouse are able to work together, our team can even help you find an equitable property division solution through collaborative law.

The point is, when your future and your financial life is at stake, a good family law attorney will leave no stone unturned while advocating on your behalf. Please take a moment to look over our web page dedicated to property division to find out how we can help with a high asset divorce.


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