What are the benefits of choosing a collaborative law divorce?

It is true that many marriages fail due to massive amounts of conflict between partners. Others fail simply because a couple has drifted apart due to differing belief systems or life goals. Whatever the reason, some couples are prime candidates for a collaborative divorce, which offers many benefits over traditional litigation.

If you are considering divorce and are interested in finding a way to do so outside of the court, then collaborative law might be right for you and your spouse. Many attorneys in Illinois are trained in the collaborative law approach to divorce. This means they know how to negotiate and compromise while promoting a less contentious environment. In certain cases, it is an effective method of ending a marriage without the animosity that typically goes hand-in-hand with litigated divorces.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a collaborative divorce:

— Promotes good communication and information-sharing between spouses

— Offers the opportunity to achieve mutually agreeable results and solutions

— More affordable and efficient than most litigated divorces

— Increases the chances of long-term cooperation between spouses

— Keeps the private details of marriages away from public scrutiny

— Reduces stress and helps eliminate negativity

— Fosters a healing environment for sensitive negotiations

— Empowers both spouses to have a say in making decisions that affect their lives

Like any collaboration, it takes cooperation on both sides to achieve a successful collaborative divorce. An attorney trained in collaborative law understands how to create an atmosphere in which cooperation comes easier to both parties. Your initial consultation with a divorce attorney with experience in collaborative law can provide more insight into whether this type of divorce is right for you..

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