Divorce mediation | Debunking the myths

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While many Illinois couples have heard about divorce mediation, the process is a relatively new method of ending a marriage. As such, people still have quite a few misconceptions about mediation. An unfortunate side effect of these misconceptions is that some couples reject divorce mediation outright because they do not have a thorough understanding of the process. In truth, mediation is sometimes an excellent choice for couples going through a divorce.

In the interests of helping Illinois residents make a more informed decision about how to handle divorce, here are a few debunked myths about divorce mediation.

Mediation is a bad idea for couples with high-value assets: On the contrary, some high net worth couples may benefit from divorce mediation. As in all divorces, it depends on the individuals and their marital issues.

The mediator will side with one spouse over another: A mediator is just that and has no power over the decision-making. It is entirely up to the spouses how decisions are reached.

The mediator’s gender means he or she will favor the spouse of the same gender: Mediators are professionals who have been specially trained. The overarching goal of all mediators is to reach a sustainable outcome without bias.

Mediators should always be legal professionals: While a judge or an attorney can be an excellent and impartial mediator due to an extensive knowledge of the law, it is training, professionalism and other factors that make a mediator great.

In the end, mediation is a personal choice with which both spouses should be comfortable. The best news of all is that you do not have to choose without learning more about mediation. You can always talk in-depth about divorce mediation ahead of time with an Illinois family lawyer trained in the process.

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