Does divorce mediation really cost less?

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If you are looking at the prospect of divorce and wonder how exactly you are going to weather the financial and emotional drain that you’ve heard about or witnessed others go through, it can feel as though you are caught between rock and a relationship you no longer can keep up. The good news is that you are not out of options.

For many couples, especially those who are not on the same page about how the divorce should proceed, divorce mediation is an excellent option that keeps divorce costs and emotional tolls low. So is divorce mediation really cheaper?In a word: probably.

No two divorces are exactly the same, so there is no simple way to say exactly what your experience may be. The principles of divorce mediation are based on finding compromises that both sides can agree to, while avoiding the classic wars that divorces can turn into.

A statically average divorce mediation procedure may take a few months and involve three or four sessions of mediation. The quicker that both sides can agree to reasonable terms, the less costly the process can be. In this respect, the relative expense of your divorce through mediation is up to the two of you.

In a strictly monetary sense, the average cost of a divorce that employs mediation is likely to be many times less expensive than a traditional divorce procedure, maybe by as much as 80 or 90 percent in extreme cases. However, the lower costs of mediation are not only monetary, they are also emotional — especially for children. Demonstrating that your spouse are willing to work together for the best case resolution on behalf of your children can greatly impact how well your children weather a divorce.

If you are ready to try divorce mediation, an experienced and qualified attorney can help you walk through the process and create a legally viable and enforceable settlement that respects the needs of all parties and protects both spouse’s rights.

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