You may have to fight another parent’s employer for child support

Divorcing parents often have conflict when it comes to determining child support. This can be doubly true for parents who have significant assets, or when one parent is a high earner. However, this conflict may not finished once a court order has been issued to establish how much child support should be provided. Even in cases where a high-earning parent has taken all the necessary steps to have child support payments deducted from his or her payroll, there is still the possibility that this parent’s employer will not correctly deduct and transfer the payments.

In these situations, a non-complaint employer can cause problems for both parents, but mostly they will incur serious fines for themselves. Under Illinois law, any employer who fails to comply with a court-ordered child support order may find themselves not only liable for the amount of child support that they have not deducted, but also liable for a fine of $100 per day that the proper amount of child support is not sent to the rightful custodian.

Illinois parents are fortunate for this element of the state’s law, but it is still an issue that requires pursuing. The good news for both parents of the child in these cases is that an employer who makes such an error becomes the party responsible for paying both the court ordered amount, as well as the fines to the owed parent. These fines begin to accumulate within seven days of the date when the payment should have been made.

If you are struggling with a complex and frustrating child-support issue, you should not hesitate to seek out the help that you need. A lawyer can help you resolve whatever your child support or custody issue might be.


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