How can I keep my divorce simple and quick?

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Although divorce can drag out and become a protracted battle that drains energy, time, and resources, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you and your spouse are willing to work together and make a fair divorce settlement your priority, a simple and relatively quick divorce is certainly possible. However, it is crucial to still receive professional legal advice, rather than attempt to file for divorce all on your own. There are many legal issues that arise in a divorce, and failing to properly address them could cost you much more in the long run than dealing with them on the front end.

Some couples, after being married for a while, come to realize that they simply don’t work as spouses. For many of these couples, employing an attorney seems like a waste of time — after all, they agree on the divorce, why get a lawyer involved and muddy up the waters. The sentiment seems reasonable, but is founded in some dangerous ignorance of how the law views marriage.

In the eyes of the law, a marriage is very much like a business relationship, and must be dissolved appropriately. This means you can’t simply decide to be divorced. Should you take matters into your won hands and use online forms to file for divorce, you may not address key issues and create an ongoing problem that an experienced attorney could have helped you avoid.

The most surefire way to achieve a fast, simple divorce is through divorce mediation. if you make your wishes known to the mediator, you can often achieve everything needed for a successful divorce in only one or two sessions, while still gaining crucial legal guidance throughout the process. With proper legal guidance, both you and your spouse can keep your rights protected while ensuring that you are both set up to succeed in the next chapter of your lives.

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