Grandparents seek custody of orphaned children

When tragedy strikes, the law can be harsh, insisting that it be observed even as families grieve. Unfortunately, the grief process cannot postpone abiding with the law, especially when it comes to child custody. The grandparents of several newly orphaned children in Illinois are now experiencing first-hand just how difficult this process can be.

The couple is seeking to gain custody of seven children whose parents recently died in terrible circumstances, and the children themselves range in age from 4 months old to 14 years. Under the petition filed with the court, the paternal grandparents seek to gain full custody of the children, but they will have to wait until May 9 to see if the court will grant them that custody.

Although the children are all currently residing with their paternal grandparents, the court has remanded legal custody to an attorney as guardian ad litem. Until the court date in May, the children will presumably continue to physically live with their grandparents, but the attorney will retain legal custody and investigate the standards of living in the grandparents’ home to ensure that the children are kept to acceptable standards.

When life takes heartbreaking turns, it can be difficult to negotiate the legal system, which can often seem cold and heartless. However, with the representation of an experienced, empathetic attorney, you can ensure that your rights and the rights of the people you love will remain protected as you put one foot in front of the other and walk, one step at a time, toward a new season and a fresh start.

Source: Belleville News-Democrat, “Paternal grandparents seek guardianship of Campbell children,” Brian Brueggemann, March 24, 2017


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