High asset divorce can be lengthy if you’re not prepared

If you don’t secure the strongest available representation for your high-asset divorce, your spouse may take it all the way to the state Supreme Court — just ask the Illinois billionaire whose divorce took more than a decade to resolve. The Illinois Supreme Court eventually put the matter to rest, ruling that the husband would pay for $160,000 in his former wife’s legal fees, as well as $27,500 per month in spousal support.

While that may seem like small potatoes to a billionaire, no one wants to endure over a decade of legal proceedings and see their divorce work its way up through multiple courts just to end a marriage. If you have significant assets that may face division in your divorce, it is crucial to enlist the guidance of an attorney who understands how to achieve the best settlement for your needs and do so quickly.

While some spouses seem to relish the idea of stretching out a divorce to punish the one they are divorcing, it is important to determine a strategy for resolving your divorce efficiently with your legal counsel. No matter how abundant your resources, it is rarely ideal to allow your divorce to stretch on for years longer than it must. And, even if you do go the extra mile to get your settlement as favorable as possible, there is still a chance that a higher court may rule against you, just like the Illinois billionaire.

If you are ready to take control of your divorce and ensure a swift, decisive conclusion, do not hesitate to seek out a strong legal team. An experienced attorney with years of experience handling high asset divorce can help ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the process and set you up to succeed in this new season of life.


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