Why might a judge revoke my custody?

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When couples work through a divorce and even well after, custody arrangements are usually one of the biggest sticking points for both sides. Many divorces that could otherwise have been relatively simple matters have drawn out into protracted legal battles over who gets the children and when. Of course, even once a custody order is done, the matter can change at any time if one or both parents take certain actions.

Even if you think you’ve won your custody battle, this does not mean that it is over forever. A court may amend or revoke parental privileges and responsibilities laid out in a custody arrangement when they see evidence of several kinds of wrongdoing.

One of the most common reasons a court may revoke custody is any sort of abuse or neglect of the child. While physical abuse and neglect may seem like obvious components of the revoked custody, if a child is exposed to other crimes, custody could be on the line there as well. For instance, if you or people in your home, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend are caught using or distributing drugs, this could have drastic effects on your custody, even if the charges are very light.

Furthermore, if a parent violates court orders repeatedly, there is a high likelihood that a judge may revoke parental privileges. This includes things that are not technically crimes, like not abiding by an existing custody order. If you, as a parent, do not keep up your end of a custody arrangement repeatedly, then the court may decide to strip you of some privileges.

If you worry that your custody may be in jeopardy, you should not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney right away. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can ensure that your rights as a parent remains secure while you negotiate a difficult season of life.

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