Should I insure my child support payments?

When divorce comes knocking and you and your spouse have children, child support or alimony payments are very likely to be a part of your divorce settlement. Child support is one of the key ways that the court ensures that children have the resources they need to lead healthy lives under the care of the parent with primary custody, especially if that parent does not have a large independent income. As a parent, you obviously want the best for your children, but how can you ensure that they have everything they need in the event that you pass away?

Most divorce planning professional agree that it is wise to insure your child support payments so that your children continue to receive the resources they need even if you pass away. If you pass away before your children age out of child support, you’re not only leaving them with a large emotional loss, they also may not have the financial support they need to grow in a healthy environment.

A typical child support insurance package covers between 10 and 20 years in its term, and should list the receiving parent as the beneficiary. It is usually best for the child to make the sure that the beneficiary is irrevocable and that the partner who is taking out the policy is mandated to pay the premiums as part of the child support agreement. While that may sound harsh, this protects the best interests of the child if the relationship between you and your child’s other parent deteriorates.

Choosing the best ways to raise and provide for your children is a difficult path, and is always easier with strong guidance from an experienced legal professional. If you are ready to ensure that your children have all that they need to grow, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney.

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