Study: Higher divorce rates for some careers

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It probably comes as little surprise that people who work in some fields have higher rates of divorce than others by the age of 30. The field with the highest divorce rate? Those who are military first-line enlisted supervisors. The U.S Census Data found that these individuals had a 30 percent divorce rate. That career path involves coordinating enlisted personnel activities and leading operations.

Three of the top 10 jobs are in the military, with the other two being in air weapons and military-enlisted tactical operations. Military personnel of all ranks and in all fields were most likely to be divorced by the age of 30. Other studies have shown that 41 percent of first-time married couples end in divorce. The average age for divorced couples is 30.

Other careers that can hasten a trip to divorce court include logisticians, and automotive service mechanics and technicians. Low pay, persistent danger or extended periods away from home can all cause problems within a marriage. For each month that a military member spent away, the rate of divorce significantly increased. Other issues included moving too often and marrying too young.

Besides military members age 30 and under, divorce rates have also been rising for baby boomers. Since 1990, divorce rates have risen 109 percent. Much of this has to do with people living longer and the decline of the stigma of divorce.

All couples can be affected by money troubles and stress within a career. Some of the careers with lower rates of divorce include dentists, speech language pathologists and religious workers.

If you are considering a divorce, an experienced attorney can help. He or she can help you with asset division, child custody and alimony, when appropriate.

Source: MarketWatch, “Americans in this field have the highest rate of divorce by age 30,” Kari Paul, July 14, 2017


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